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One Red Rose

Hopeless Romantics Anonymous

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As you may have guessed, this is a community for hopeless romantics.

The point of this community is to discuss your favorite love stories, songs, poetry, or anything else, and to share love stories and poetry that you have written.

The following things are allowed in this community:

  • Posting lyrics to romantic songs that you like.
  • Discussing/Recommending romantic movies or books.
  • Discussing your favorite couples from books, movies, television, video games, whatever.
  • Posting your own love stories, poetry, or artwork. (Please put pictures and long stories behind a cut!)

The following things are NOT allowed here:

  • Off-topic posting
  • Promoting unrelated web sites
  • Posting anything pornographic or NC-17. Use your good judgement on this. Also, please give a warning if you post something R-rated.

I guess that's it. Anyone can post in this community, including non-members, but be aware that I will be moderating it, and posts that break the rules will be removed.